Micro-coated Doors

Meritply offers premium quality micro-coated doors made from sturdy strong veneers. Meritply Flush Doors has high quality laminated paper coated fishing. These doors offer high tensile strength, durability and are long lasting. We offer MeritPly 30mm sized micro-coated doors for sale.

Best Micro-coated Doors manufacturer in India

Meritply uses Multi-press technology to produce best micro-coated doors that are suitable for home doors, room doors, office doors and partition doors. Our flush doors manufacturing process includes hot press and cold press for veneer to strengthen and bond between the veneer layers.

Meritply ISO Certified Flush Doors

Meritply offers ISO Certified Micro-coated doors in India. These micro-coated doors are ideal for indoor, outdoor facing doors as well as main entrance doors where high strength and durability are preferred. Meritply micro-coated doors are built of superior strength, modulus elasticity and adhesion strength. These doors have uniform texture and finishing layers. MeritPly micro-coated doors can be used in homes, offices, storage rooms, shops, apartments and residential buildings.


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