Marine Plywood

Meritply offers premium quality Marine Plywood also known as BWP Plywood made from sturdy strong materials with better water resistance. Marine plywood is prepared by bonding high quality veneers with certified resins to form strong and consistent layers of plywood.

Best Marine Plywood manufacturer in India

Meritply uses Multi-press technology to produce best Marine plywood that are suitable for manufacturing furniture, interior design materials and elements. Our marine plywood manufacturing process includes hot press and cold press for veneer to strengthen and bond between the veneer layers.

IS:710 BWP Grade Calibrated Marine Plywood

Meritply offer IS:710 graded BWP Marine Plywood ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor areas with high level of water exposure. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and bathroom interior designs can utilize Meritply BWP Grade Marine plywood for its superior strength, water resistance and adhesion strength.

Marine Plywood Product Specification

Moisture 5% – 15%
Glue Shear Strength (Dry State) Min. Ind. 1100 N
Min. Avg 1350 N
Adhesion to plywood Min. Pass Standard
Glue Shear Strength
(after 72 hrs. Boiling)
Min. Ind. 800 N
Min. Avg 1000 N
Static Bending Strength
Modulus of Rupture
– Along the grain
– Across the grain
50 N /
30 N /
Modulus of Elasticity
– Along the grain
– Across the grain
7500 N /
4000 N /
Tensile Strength
– Along the grain
– Across the grain
– Sum of Tensile strength
42 N /
25 N /
84.5 N /


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