Hardwood Plywood

Meritply offers premium quality hardwood Plywood made from sturdy strong hardwood veneers such as Birchwood, Gurjan and Teakwood. Hardwood Plywood has high tensile strength, durability and are long lasting.

Best Hardwood Plywood manufacturer in India

Meritply uses Multi-press technology to produce best hardwood plywood that is suitable for manufacturing furniture, interior design materials and elements. Our hardwood plywood manufacturing process includes hot press and cold press for veneer to strengthen and bond between the veneer layers.

IS:303 Grade Core Compressed Hardwood Plywood

Meritply offer IS:303 graded Hardwood Plywood ideal for cabinets, cots, tables and other furniture where high strength and durability is essential. Wardrobes, Partition walls and interior designs elements can utilize Meritply IS:303 Grade Core Compressed Hardwood plywood for its superior strength, modulus elasticity and adhesion strength.


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